2010 Demo

by Raccoon City

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released November 5, 2010



all rights reserved


Raccoon City Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Beneath Wooden Floorboards
(I refuse) to accept that we're just layers of skin hiding bones.Humanitys indifference is far to different to regret what its been shown.Daughters locked up in their basements. Inhuman torturers; lovers replacements.Thousands raped, robbed and murdered,from the comfort of their own homes.And I accept that we're all cowardly heroes, wearing our pride as a crown.Humanitys ignorance a bliss to all those that its known.Sat in front of an empty screen; while the machine takes their dignity.Thousands of bodies left decomposing in their graves.While a fallen god chooses to ignore, those he said he'd save. Everbodies dead, we all die someday.
Track Name: Vulgar Kings and Their Dirty Thrones
Let's play pretend; it'll be like we've never met.I'll be the failure and you'll be the end.Everynight I'll dream of you lying in the sand. And everynight you'll dream of me lying, lifeless, a limp body.!I can't ever forget. I won't ever forget.Never Forget.
How on everynight we were together time stretched out forever. We'd lay in bed and talk for hours dreaming up fantasys on how we'll meet.But now we are apart and i can't shake this endeavour.I lay in bed and talk for hours to me, whilst i wait for defeat.And now we are apart and its all my fault.You'll lay in bed with another man and compare him to all I am.And I'm so desolate and stung left to lay alone and compare;loneliness to madness.Companionship to hardship.
Track Name: Car Crashes and Their Victims
It was my first visit to her hospital bed.She lay asleep lost in dreams.Her mind swimming,in lucid streams.A grim expression on me,as I pressed my finger tip.For what felt like forever.But we were pressed for time so grief passed me by.And now I can't feel anything at all.Bleak dark loneliness crews the oil rig.Trapping my voice inside forcing my tongue to lies.And for hours upon hours I watched her cry,Whilst I felt nothing inside I let her die.So now I'll try to find a way too hide. So now ill find a way. To find some form of loneliness. (I never even knew your name). Amongst the ruins of this relationship. (Yet I could take your life away). Which probably never existed anyway. I never even knew your name. Yet I could take your life away.
Track Name: Everything's Alive
"Just this once" she said "It won't change a thing" One small pill, coloured white and red It might not change anything .If I can't enjoy life living, then what’s the point of my being? It puts a hole in my chest to see what I've been seeing. Hey kid why didn't you go to school? Was it to stay home and smoke weed again? So hip, so alternative, hazy days are no way to live. So lithe, so cognitive. I told you too seek penance; But now your bodies died. I asked you too be better; But you just spoke in lies. And now your dead forever; Your mothers grief is my fire. I told don't care for her; But she clung too desire. I told her she could do betterr; But she said I'm a liar. Knock on deaths door together;Wasted lives like the others.
Track Name: Blindfolded
I can't seem to think right, My heads in the gutter. This town is on fire and I'm falling too deep. Im counting my fingers and counting my toes I'm dancing with singers and dancing with foes. 20 years alive and I barely know a thing I will survive and I'll continue to sing. Starting new bands and playing out dreams. Taking abuse and empowering kings. 20 years passed and I havent achieved a thing. Screaming out words I'm too scared to sing. Losing old friends and losing old dreams. Beligerent kids demolishing things.
All the time I heard them say"I never loved you anyway". And all the while her love would say "I wish you were the man to stay". Put all my heart with you today'cause empty words dont heal the pain. I'll send my wishes down your way'cause a wish is the things that your body couldnt say. Hollow words;Living, dreaming, hoping, seeing.
Never Alone, Never Afraid. Too young to die, too young to fade. If life is a lie then I'm already dead.

I never cared